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Claire Seifi was born and raised in Tehran, Iran.  She immigrated to France in 1984, living in Paris for about 12 years before immigrating to Dallas, Texas in 1995.She graduated from the University of Paris-South in 1992 and obtained a bachelor degree in Computer Science.In 2004, Claire decided to pursue a law degree in the United States and obtained a Juris Doctorate in 2008 from Concord Law School of Kaplan University.After graduating from law school, Claire began her career in the immigration field in 2010 by volunteering at a couple of local non-profit organization that provides immigration assistance to low-income immigrants.Claire’s decision to practice immigration is mainly because of her own immigration experiences in both France and United States and her desire to help other immigrants and their family. 

  US Immigration laws and processes are complex and constantly changing and evolving. This makes it difficult for people to understand their immigration options. Our goal at Law Office of Claire Seifi is to assist clients in assessing their options and helping them to know the best course of action in their individual case as every immigration case is unique.The Law Office of Claire Seifi is a DFW immigration law firm. We are dedicated to providing our client with competent and affordable legal representation and making their immigration experience less stressful and overwhelming.We are located in Dallas, Texas and offer services in English, Persian, French and Spanish.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your immigration case with you. Please call us today to schedule your consultation!  

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by Meysam A.: My immigration case handled by Ms Seifi

My immigration case handled by Ms Seifi

 I found Ms. Seifi a trustworthy attorney who has commitment to her career. She also handled my immigration case in a reasonable period of time. Moreover, I think that legal fees which she offers are fair. Therefore, more clients are able to use legal services. 

by LiYan & Jonathan B.: Great Person and Experienced Immigration Lawyer

Not only is Claire a very resourceful & knowledgeable lawyer, she is above all a great person. I highly recommend her because she is very personable and trustworthy. She has always kept me informed. She is persistent in getting the case to to turn around in the court system, even if your case is difficult or next to impossible by most lawyer’s consults/opinions. Before I met Claire, my case was actually turned down by several well known and “experienced for 10+yrs” lawyers….. Claire is eager to listen to your situation and find a solution to your dilemma. She does not take “NO” for an answser for your sake. She is professional and I highly HIGHLY recommend her to anyone that has a tough case. She is a good lawyer because she truly cares about her clients. My case was very complicated, started as deportation case with bars for adjustments now I am 3-5 months away from getting my permanent residency. It was not easy, but Claire made it painless. 

by Mozhdeh F.: A Great Immigration Lawyer

Mrs. Seifi is a trustworthy, responsive, reasonable lawyer who handled my case in a reasonable amount of time. She always kept me informed. I definitely recommend choosing her as your lawyer! 

by Adib: The best Immigration lawyer!

She is the best Immigration lawyer!After being with several lawyers, I am happy that I found her. She is knowledgeable and professional and answers your questions accordingly. She will tell you exactly what to do and follows up with your case progress. She will respond to your emails and phone calls. Very nice person and great personality and very professional. I highly recommend Mrs Seifi for your immigration works! 

by Sameer: Good Experience and recommend the attorney

Had a great experience working with Ms Seifi for my case. The attorney proved to be very professional, diligent and dedicated towards the case. She followed up regularly and kept me well informed about the progress of my case. Very happy with the legal fees and billing practices which I think is affordable and fair. Overall had a great experience and highly recommend her. 

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